Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

Houston Medicaid Fraud AttorneyMedicare and Medicaid are government programs that provide medical care for eligible patients. Hundreds of billions of dollars are paid out each year for billed medical services. The breadth and complexity of the government’s medical programs has opened the door to fraudulent billing by patients and companies. These deceitful acts, perpetrated for monetary gain, are against the law and should be reported. If you’ve witnessed such fraud and aren’t sure what to do about it, contact Powers Law Firm, a Houston Medicaid fraud attorney.

We can walk you through the steps of Medicare fraud reporting and help you get a financial reward for doing so.

Blowing the Whistle on Fraud

The Federal False Claims Act (FCA) allows the everyday citizen to combat fraud against the federal government. The FCA is unique in that it incentivizes the whistleblower, or person reporting fraud, through recovered damages.

What this means is that you can be awarded a percentage of the financial settlement in a Medicare fraud reporting case. The most common cases that a Houston Medicaid fraud attorney sees each year include:

  • Filing false claims
  • Using false or stolen identities
  • Fraudulent or embellished physical or mental illness
  • Physicians claiming treatment never performed
  • Fabricating Medicare plan specifics for financial gain

Opening a Case

A Medicare fraud reporting case follows a specific legal timeline, and our attorneys can help guide you during this process. In general, the steps are:

  1. Contact Powers Law Firm to file a complaint of Medicaid or Medicare fraud.
  2. Federal investigators interview you, the whistleblower.
  3. Examination of case data.
  4. Government decision to act or remain passive.

Government Action

If the federal government feels there is enough evidence of health care fraud, they will act on the case and push towards holding the deceitful party responsible for fraudulent practices. Government action often spurs the wrongdoer to resolve the case, moving forward with a settlement. Powers Law Firm will keep close tabs on the direction of the case and what you stand to gain.

Get Help From A Houston Medicaid Fraud Attorney

If the federal government feels the case lacks evidence of fraud, there is a second option. In this scenario, Medicare fraud reporting can be pursued without government intervention. Our law office takes the driver’s seat in the case and prepares for litigation.

In this type of case, our attorneys will begin an intensive period of discovery to determine our next steps. Even without the backing of a government investigation, our law firm can fight to stop lawbreakers from stealing from Medicare and Medicaid.

As a whistleblower, your confidentiality is our primary focus. We know that your intention is to stop those who defraud the federal government. Keeping your name and intentions private will allow you to proceed with confidence. Contact Powers Law Firm today to get immediate assistance.