Houston Constructive Dismissal Attorney

Houston Constructive Dismissal AttorneyTo avoid an accusation of wrongful termination, sometimes an employer will intentionally make work conditions so hostile that an employee quits. This is known as constructive discharge or dismissal. If it has happened to you, you have grounds for a claim against your former employer. A Houston constructive dismissal attorney at Powers Law Firm can help.

Do I Have Grounds For A Constructive Dismissal Case?

Constructive discharge is not a separate cause of action under Texas law. That means an employer isn’t necessarily acting illegally by creating a hostile work environment to get a worker to quit. In order to have a claim, the constructive dismissal charge must be based on discrimination, retaliation or other violations of employment laws.

A constructive termination lawyer can evaluate the circumstances of your situation to determine whether your claim has legal merit. To establish such a claim, your lawyer will need to demonstrate that a reasonable person would have resigned if faced with circumstances similar to yours.

Here are examples of actions by an employer that could be grounds for a constructive termination claim:

  • Demotion
  • Wage reduction
  • Reduced job duties
  • Reassignment to menial tasks
  • Harassment by employer
  • An ultimatum from your employer to resign or be fired

If you resigned or are considering doing so after being faced with these actions in the workplace because of your gender, race, age, disability, or other protected status, it’s important to talk to a constructive termination lawyer as soon as possible after your resignation.

The manner in which you handle your resignation and what you do immediately afterward can have a big impact on a potential claim later. Speaking with a Houston employment attorney before quitting can help you make an informed decision and take the best steps to protect your rights.

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