How Can I Report Health Care Fraud?

How To Report Health Care FraudFrom filing false claims to using false identities, health care fraud comes in variety of forms. Lawbreakers that use the Medicare and Medicaid systems for financial gain are abusing American taxpayers, medical care providers, and patients that rely on government health programs.

Abusers of our nation’s health care system cannot be punished if their fraudulent acts are never reported. Witnesses to Medicare or Medicaid abuse often ask, “How Can I Report Heath Care Fraud in Texas?” The Houston health care fraud attorneys at Powers Law Firm offer their advice on recognizing and reporting illegal abuse of government health care systems.

Recognizing Health Care Fraud

The Federal False Claims Act (FCA) allows the everyday citizen to combat fraud against the federal government. The FCA is unique in that it financially incentivizes the whistleblower by allowing him or her to recover a portion of the government’s damages. The most common examples of health care fraud that our Houston Medicaid fraud attorneys see each year include:

  • Filing false claims
  • Using false or stolen identities
  • Fraudulent or embellished physical or mental illnesses
  • Physicians filing claims for treatment that was never performed
  • Fabricating Medicare plan specifics for financial gain

Four Steps to Report Health Care Fraud

There are four steps to report health care fraud, and the medical fraud attorneys at Powers Law Firm can help guide you through the process. If you suspect that a patient, physician, or insurance provider is abusing the Medicare and/or Medicaid systems, use these steps to report them:

  • Step 1: Contact Powers Law Firm. Our False Claims Act attorneys in Houston are knowledgeable in all areas of health care fraud. With years of experience in stopping those who defraud the federal health care system, Powers Law Firm should be your first stop in the reporting process.
  • Step 2: Interview with Investigator. After working with the health care fraud attorneys at Powers Law Firm to file your complaint, a federal investigator will contact you for an interview. They are tasked with obtaining your statements and gathering all other pertinent information in regards to the alleged health care fraud.
  • Step 3: Examination of Data. In this third step of the fraud reporting process, you and the medical fraud attorneys at Powers Law Firm give the federal investigators the time they need to examine all the data they gathered in Step 2. Without interfering with the government’s analysis, Powers Law Firm attorneys stay in contact with those running the investigation, keeping you updated on the progress and a potential timeline for a decision.
  • Step 4: Government Decision. The federal government can decide to act on the case or remain passive. If they decide there is enough evidence to act against the deceitful party, you can receive a portion of the government’s financial recovery. In the case of government inaction, Powers Law Firm attorneys will evaluate whether it is permissible and/or cost effective to pursue litigation without federal assistance.

How can I report health care fraud? Start by contacting Powers Law Firm. The abusers of the government health system are profiting at the expense of every hard working taxpayer. Help stop health care fraud by reporting the criminals that exploit Medicare and Medicaid.