Houston Wind Damage Lawyer

Dark storm clouds are a welcome sight after the parched months of a Texas summer. Storms in the fall often piggyback on the leading edge of cold fronts that plunge south across the Lone Star State. As a Houston wind damage lawyer, Kevin Powers knows that when these cooler temperatures mix with the warm Gulf air, the storms can grow severe. Heavy rain, dangerous lightning, and damaging winds are common.

Wind damage can cause serious problems for homeowners and business owners in the Houston-Gulf Coast region. The cleanup and repair after a storm can be lengthy, and dealing with your insurance company may only complicate the recovery. Storm damage denial claims in Houston, TX are common, leaving homeowners little to no financial support for repairs.

With years of experience as a Houston wind damage lawyer, Powers Law Firm can help you handle the non-cooperative insurance adjusters and get the benefits you need to repair your property.

After the Storm

After the storm has passed, taking care of your family is the top priority. If wind or flood damage has made your home unsafe to stay in, local shelter and storm recovery teams can provide comfort and meet your basic needs during your recovery. Once the area around your home is safe, there are lists of things you can do to protect yourself against storm damage denial claims:

  • Make any temporary repairs needed to mitigate further damage or loss. Wind damage can expose a home from the roof, windows, and siding.
  • Take clear pictures of all damage before it has been repaired. If you are making temporary repairs – like a tarp to cover roof leaks or wood over broken glass – take photographs before and after.
  • Make a list of all damaged items and note exactly where they were located within the home.
  • Communicate with your insurance company as quickly as possible. Start the claims process in the first days after the storm has passed and your home is safe to be around.

A Houston Wind Damage Lawyer Can Help

After a property owner contacts the insurance company, they will send an adjuster to your location to survey the wind damage. The adjuster’s job is two-fold:

  • Find out what caused the damage.
  • Determine if the wind damage is covered by the homeowner’s policy.

At this time, the insurance adjuster may decide the damage was not caused by the storm and deny the claim. If you receive a claim denial, now is the time to call a Houston insurance attorney. The insurance appeals process needs to be handled swiftly, filing the proper paperwork to notify the adjuster that the denied claim is not acceptable.

A Houston wind damage lawyer at Powers Law Firm can provide you with the wind damage and engineering experts who can gather the detailed information needed to fight the storm damage denial. This commitment to detail will increase your chances at a successful appeal of your storm damage denial claim in Houston TX.

We can also assist with deciding when to file bad faith lawsuit if your wind damage appeal is denied. Let us help you get the compensation needed to rebuild your home or business.