Houston Hail Damage Insurance Lawyer

Baseball size hail covering the ground after the storm in Georgetown, Kentucky on October 7, 2014

Hailstorms can damage roofs, siding, and windows, leaving behind thousands of dollars of repair work. The aftermath of a hailstorm means clean up and insurance claims. Hail damage can be destructive to homeowners and business owners.

If your home has been damaged by a recent storm, a Houston hail damage insurance lawyer can help you through the process. When adjusters refuse to pay and you’re left with a hail damage claim denial and a damaged home, Powers Law Firm is here to help.

Identifying Hail Damage

If a recent storm dropped hail on your home, here are some guidelines for recognizing hail damage:

  • Trees and shrubs are stripped of leaves and foliage.
  • Outdoor appliances, like air conditioners, will show dents and water intake.
  • Broken windows and window screens.
  • Damaged patio chairs and tables.
  • Dented or broken siding.

Roof damage is often common with hailstorms, but climbing onto many steep pitched roofs can be dangerous. Avoid climbing onto a roof after storms. Attempt to evaluate your roof by looking for missing shingles or dented vents and gutters.

Document the Damage

If you have identified any damage from a hailstorm, you can help avoid a hail damage claim denial by thoroughly documenting the aftermath.

  • Take clear pictures of all damage before repairs begin. Take photos of temporary repairs.
  • Make a list of all damaged items and note exactly where they were located.
  • Communicate with your insurer as quickly as possible so they can start the claims process right away.

Working with Insurance Companies

Once the claims process begins, the insurance company will send an adjuster to your home to visually inspect the damage. The adjuster will be looking to identify damage and then correlate that damage to the hailstorm.

The second part of that process – correlating the home’s damage to the hail – is the part where insurance companies will often deny a claim. If that happens, this is the time for you to contact a Houston hail damage insurance lawyer.

Identifying damage from hailstorms is a specific, almost scientific process. Our Houston hail damage insurance lawyers can utilize storm damage evaluation experts to look at the hail damage and help provide the data needed to build your case against the insurance company. If your initial claim is denied, we can be your guide for appealing, and possibly filing a bad faith lawsuit.

A Houston Hail Damage Insurance Lawyer Can Help

Our goal is to help you recover. Hailstorms can cause thousands of dollars of damage to a home. If your insurance company denies your home, business or commercial property storm claim and won’t help pay – call a Houston hail damage insurance lawyer at Powers Law Firm today. We will help you fight the insurance company for the compensation you deserve.