Houston Flood Insurance Attorney

Shoes floating in flood water inside a Brisbane house

Texas weather can be wild and unpredictable, and Spring 2015 was a prime example. After many months of drought and heat, the pattern broke with rain and storms that continued for weeks. An onslaught of wet weather dropped historic rainfall totals across Texas and greater Houston. Rivers, lakes and bayous swelled, roadways flooded and the underpasses failed to drain.

Texas weather often runs at the edge of extreme and flooding can leave homes and businesses damaged or destroyed. Owners are left with a mess of clean up and the stress of dealing with insurance. During these times, a Houston flood insurance attorney can be your best ally. Insurance companies often claim to be the helping hand, but do they have your best interests at heart?

Flood Documentation

When a home or business is damaged by floodwaters, the first reaction is to clean and throw away water-damaged items. At Powers Law Firm, our flood damage lawyers in Houston Texas recommend documenting the damage before clean-up begins. Tips for recording flood damage include:

  • Pictures of flood damaged items
  • Video of the scene
  • Written inventory list
  • ID numbers and purchase records

The more documentation you have, the better. A Houston flood insurance attorney at Powers Law Firm will use this documentation to start working on your claim. Even if you don’t have all the information listed, our flood damage lawyers have the experience needed to contest low offers from insurance companies.

Can it be Saved?

Home and business owners often want to know what items can be cleaned, dried out and used again. Some things can be saved, but other flooded items will have to be removed and replaced.


  • Clothing
  • Jewelry
  • Plates and Silverware
  • Real wood furniture
  • Appliances after inspection
  • Glass items


  • Mattresses
  • Wood veneer furniture
  • Toys and stuffed animals
  • Carpet padding
  • Baseboards and wallpaper

Remember to document all items – even those that appear to be salvageable. Damage from a flood can often take time to become evident. Problems like mold growth and foundation movement can appear weeks or months after the flooding has stopped. These are all issues that our Houston flood insurance attorneys can help find. A rush to file insurance claims will often miss these problems.

Insurance Offers

Insurance is a business of numbers. Companies sell the idea that your flooded assets will be covered. When the rain stops and claims are made, that same company will offer far less than your actual damages – this is how the insurance business works. Flood victims will often jump at the first offer, taking the cash to get quicker help in the rebuilding and repairing process. Don’t bite – the first offer is often very low.

Our flood damage lawyers in Houston, Texas have extensive experience in handling these companies on behalf of our clients. If negotiation with insurance is required, we negotiate. If your claim goes to arbitration or to a court, we will be there for your every step of the way.

If you’re fighting an insurance company for the money you are owed, don’t do it alone. Contact Powers Law Firm today and speak to a Houston insurance lawyer.