Houston Fire Damage Claim Lawyer

Ruins of a single family home destroyed by fire

Has a fire damaged your property? Is your insurance company slow pacing your claim, or denying payment? At Powers Law Firm, our Houston fire damage claim lawyer will not play games with insurance providers.

If you are a homeowner or business or commercial property owner in need of insurance payment to finish repairs and replacements, call Powers Law Firm today. Our experienced attorneys want to know about your fire damage claim denial. Fire damage can be serious, leaving you with damage from the flames, smoke, and water used to extinguish the flames.

Fire Damage – Specialized Repair

If you have suffered a fire on your property, the damage can be severe. Fire is not something that property owners are accustomed to. Natural disaster damage like wind, hail, and flooding is much more common. What action should you take in the aftermath of a fire?

  • Safety First. Fire can compromise a structure and make the walls weak. Do not go into a building that was burned. Have it inspected by a structural engineer.
  • Protect the Structure. A board-up crew can securely close any holes caused by a firm – like broke windows – to increase protection from weather and vandalism.
  • Have A Plan. The fire damage repair process can be difficult to handle. Powers Law Firm recommends starting with a phone call to our insurance attorneys. We can help lay out a plan for your insurance, repair, and rebuilding.

Fire Damage and Documentation

A fire can cause serious damage. The flames, heat, smoke and water may have harmed the building. Items that did not burn up will be ruined by smoke and soggy from water used to extinguish the flames. Anything that you want to save will have to be cleaned.

During the cleaning process, Powers Law Firm highly recommends documenting all the damage to your property. In the even that insurance denies your claim, this documentation will be vital to fighting a Houston fire damage claim denial. Types of documentation should include photographs, video, and a register of damaged items.

Reasons for Fire Damage Claim Denials

Our Houston fire damage lawyer team has seen insurance companies deny fire claims for many reasons, including:

  • Suspicion of arson or fraud
  • Exclusion based on owner negligence
  • Denial of claim based on third party acts
  • Exclusion of specific damages

Insurance companies are wary of fire claims because they can be expensive. It can be difficult to make repairs after a fire. Many times, the only option is replacement – a more expensive option that takes a larger sum of money out of the pocket of your insurer. When your adjuster breaks the news of a denied claim, call Powers Law Firm. We won’t accept bad faith fire insurance claims denials. We can be reached at (713) 621-0700.