Houston Insurance Coverage Disputes

Houston Insurance Coverage Disputes When disaster strikes and insurance companies deny your claim, you can meet with adjusters for further evaluation. Houston insurance coverage disputes are common. An insurance company is a for-profit business and the less it pays out in claims, the more money it makes.

However, insurance providers have a duty to pay claims in good faith. When they don’t, a Houston insurance attorney at Powers Law Firm can help you dispute the claim denial.

Natural Disaster Claim Disputes

Natural disaster and other damage claims come in many forms. These pages provide more information on each of the following types of storms and how to handle the aftermath:

Property Damage Claim Disputes

One of the toughest situations is witnessing severe damage to property that you own. Years of hard work and financial investment make our properties a top priority. Types of properties that commonly encounter insurance claim disputes include:

Importance of Documentation in Claim Denials

Residential, business, and commercial property owners that face property damage will need strong documentation to help fight claim denials from the insurance companies. We recommended the following list of ways to document damage:

  • Pictures of damaged items
  • Video of the scene
  • Storm video and live action damage
  • Written inventory list
  • ID numbers and purchase records
  • Police reports from theft or vandalism

The more documentation you have, the stronger your case against a claim denial. The attorneys at Powers Law Firm can be your representation in a Houston insurance coverage dispute. There are many tactics that insurance companies use to deny claims.

Reasons to Deny

Insurance companies are crafty and well-funded. They advertise an image of help and trust, but when it comes time to write a check, they often look the other way. If your insurance claim is being denied, check our list of tactics that companies use to refuse a just and timely claims payout:

  • Automatically denying coverage without fully investigating the claim
  • Slowing the process and taking an unreasonable amount of time to respond to your communication.
  • Failing to provide explanations for claim denials
  • Vastly undervaluing property
  • Offering to pay for repairs when replacement is the proper path to correcting damage
  • Withholding information gathered from adjusters and investigators

How Can An Attorney Help With Houston Insurance Coverage Disputes?

Powers Law Firm has seen it all. If you tried and the insurance company still refuses to help, it is time to call our insurance attorneys. Houston insurance coverage disputes happen every time natural disaster strikes. If your property has been damaged and insurance won’t pay, Powers Law Firm can be reached at (713) 621-0700.