Houston Business Interruption Denial Attorney

Houston Business Insurance Dispute LawyerThe math is simple: When business stops, so does income. Damage to your property that is severe enough to halt your operations may qualify you for a business interruption claim. Most business owners have an insurance policy that guards their investments against the damage of theft, fire and natural disaster. These policies may include provisions for financial recovery in the event that you close your doors for cleaning and repairs.

If your business has suffered lost income from an interruption and your insurance company denies the claim, a Houston business interruption denial attorney at Powers Law Firm can help.

Reasons For Interruption

Business owners face risks similar to residential property owners. However, when business property is damaged, it can hurt the bottom line by forcing owners to stop operations. Reasons for business interruption include:

Most all of these damages can be covered under business insurance policies. Owners can make claims for the damages and the interruption to daily operations. If your business can’t continue after an incident of theft, vandalism or natural disaster, take detailed documentation of the interruption.

Variables in Business Interruption

There are multiple variables to consider in an interruption claim. Business and commercial property owners should document all that apply.

  • Lost inventory and replacement cost for the loss.
  • Expense incurred for cleaning and restarting daily operations.
  • Lost payroll for employees unable to work during the stoppage.
  • Length of time the business was closed.

Owner documentation will be crucial in a interruption claim. The business owner is often the only one who knows the detailed variables to business interruption. Insurance companies will routinely offer a settlement based on national averages. All business operations are unique, and interruption claim settlements should reflect the specifics of your business.

If the claims offer appears low, don’t accept. Insurance adjusters may offer a low first offer hoping you will take the much needed financial relief. This is one way insurance companies keep from paying full claims.

Business Claim Denials

Business owners with quality documentation of damage to the property and calculations of business interruption can still have a business insurance claim denied. Business bad faith claims are common, and our Houston business interruption attorneys know how to handle your case. Commercial property owners face these issues as well. Adjusters will often place blame on the business owner as the primary reason for lost income. Powers Law Firm has seen many excuses for claim denials, including:

  • Poor property maintenance
  • No coverage for interruption in insurance policy
  • Not enough documentation

These are just a few of tactics the insurance company will use to keep your money in their pocket. When payments are denied and insurance bullies your claim, our team of attorneys stands firm. You deserve justice in the form of equitable payments. If back to business and back to normal means taking your claim to court, contact a Houston business interruption denial attorney at Powers Law Firm today.