Commercial Property Insurance Claim in Houston

Houston Bad Faith Insurance ClaimsDamage to your Houston commercial property due to natural disaster or other event can be devastating to your business. Harm to your property affects your business and your investment, and the result can harm to your livelihood. Many business owners protect their commercial property income by carrying multiple types of insurance. If your company denies your claim, you have a case for commercial property insurance claim in Houston.

Types of Damage

Damage to commercial property comes in all shapes and sizes. Damages can range in severity, and insurance coverage is the best way to protect your business. You can have insurance coverage for:

  • Natural Disaster – Hail, Wind, Ice Storms, Flooding, Wildfires
  • Roof Collapse
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Water and Plumbing Damage
  • Fire

Whatever the circumstances, Powers Law Firm can fully investigate the events resulting in a loss to your commercial property insurance claim in Houston.

Why Is Insurance Disputing My Claim?

The song and dance from insurance companies is all too common. When a commercial property faces damage and loss, owners will file a claim with the expectation of proper payment. Unfortunately, insurance companies use the disaster claim scenario to keep more money in their pocket. You chose the right policy and pay your premiums, but the company leaves you stranded without a proper payout.

Some of the most common disputes related to commercial property claim denials include:

  • Disagreement between repair and replacement. Insurance may want to repair when full replacement is needed. Repairs are cheaper and save the company money.
  • The case of loss and whether it is covered under the insurance policy.
  • The cost of commercial property repairs.
  • Disputed values of equipment and other non-building related losses.
  • Full replacement cost if the commercial property was damaged beyond repair
  • Loss of value of the investment or business income. If the building took on serious damage, business may need to close until repairs are made. Lost time is lost income.

What to Expect From Powers Law Firm

For commercial property owners waiting for their claim to be honored, it is advantageous to contact Powers Law for assistance against bad faith tactics. Ideally, insurance companies would understand the hardship that takes places after a disaster. They would be quick to assist financially.

Unfortunately, the opposite is often true. In addition to refusing a claim, companies may delay the process or make a very low offer. Our commercial property damage lawyers are experienced in catastrophes and how they impact the life of property owners. We specialize in helping owners fight through business bad faith claims.

If your commercial property has been damaged by hail, wind, flood or other disaster, the attorneys at Powers Law Firm can guide you through the entire insurance claims process. Is your company refusing to pay? Have they been slow to react? If so, call our office to speak with an insurance lawyer about your Houston commercial property insurance claim.