Houston Insurance Lawyer

Houston Insurance LawyerCustomers who invest in an insurance policy are trusting they will be protected in case of an unforeseen incident or claim. Some insurance companies neglect their responsibility to their customers and act in bad faith by refusing to honor claims in a timely manner, with an adequate amount, or in a number of other ways. When this occurs, it is possible to hold the insurance company responsible through a Bad Faith Claim.

Business Insurance Claims

Business insurance policies protect companies in the case of employee crisis or other unexpected instances that could lead to business failure or bankruptcy.

Life Insurance Claims

Intended to take care of funeral costs and provide for loved ones left behind, a bad faith action on a life insurance policy could lead to extreme financial difficulty for the grieving family of the deceased.

Homeowners Insurance Claims

When a home is damaged or destroyed by a fire, hurricane, or hail storm, homeowners insurance is intended to repair the damages and get the owners back on their feet.

Disability Insurance Claims

If an illness or injury suddenly strikes, an individual could find themselves or their families facing a financial crisis when they can no longer earn an income as they could before.  Disability insurance is designed to supplement the lost income and aid those in need.

Flood Damage Claims

Flooding can cause serious damage to homes and businesses, leaving owners with a mess to clean up and the stress of dealing with insurance.

Wind Damage Claims

Wind damage can cause serious problems for homeowners and businesses. Claim denials can leave storm victims with no financial support for repairs and make the recovery process longer and more stressful.

Hail Damage Claims

Hailstorms can cause thousands of dollars in damage to roofs, siding, and windows. If your hail damage claim is denied, an experienced attorney can help you fight the insurance company for your benefits.


Damage to commercial property can land a serious punch to the bottom line of the property owner and tenants. Natural disaster, fire and theft are some of the ways commercial properties are damaged.


When a business is forced to stop operations due to flood, wind or storm damage, owners can file a business interruption claim. This claim can cover lost or damaged inventory, cleaning expenses, and lost employee payroll.


Insurance coverage disputes are common for residential, business and commercial property owners. There are numerous tactics that insurance adjusters will use to deny claims. Powers Law recommends detailed documentation to help fight a claim refusal.


Fire damage can be catastrophic, and is often associated with total loss. However, damage in a fire can also come from smoke and water. Repair and insurance coverage after a fire are very specific, and there are important steps to follow when filing a fire damage claim.


The motor vehicle accident is the most common type of insurance claim. Motorists involved in a car accident may be eligible for four types of damages: medical, pain and suffering, lost wages, and vehicle damage.